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There is a lot of difference between reliable and unreliable saffron. This can be seen from its appearance, coloring, aroma and even taste. But if you are not very professional and want to make sure before buying whether the saffron you are buying is good and reliable or not, you should pay attention to some things. Apple health, standard and different ISOs. We deliver all our saffron to you with these three elements so that you can be at ease about the quality. Because the most important thing we have with you is our credibility and the confidence you have in us.

What happened in the Kish seminar?

What happened in the Kish seminar?

On the first day of Azar 1400, they called our group and invited us to participate in the seminar of 100 self-made managers and entrepreneurs and tell the story of the formation of our group.

On Azar 4, we flew to Kish. After the airport transfer, we were taken to Gambron Hotel to rest and get ready for the day of the seminar, which was supposed to be held on December 6.

There were different brands that told interesting stories about the lows and highs of their work, and we understood that entrepreneurs all have similar concerns, but the most important thing is this.

To never give up.

And it was an honor for the Jalalian collection to be placed next to brands like Sehat and Mellon.

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